Girls’ talk gone public: WOMB x Kammie Lau

Kammie Lau x WOMB Hong Kong

The perks and problems of giving a damn

Less than a week ago, an amazing, conscious girls’ chat happened! The Hive co-working space in Kennedy Town, Hong Kong hosted “Sustainability Matters”. The event aimed to point our attention to sustainable practices, and WOMB was happy to be one of the speakers during the event. But oh no no, we were not alone! We joined forces with amazing Kammie Lau, who is the mastermind behind The Lesser Evil blog

Regardless of whether you were too lazy to go all the way to Kennedy Town, or actually had a legit excuse not to show up, we want to give you a second chance. Kammie spoke frankly and openly about challenges of “giving a damn”, and we’re happy to share some of her insights with you now.

WOMB: What are the difficulties of living a conscious lifestyle - do you have to be defensive about your choices?

Kammie: The logical answer is to say that there are no difficulties, and that it’s easy! As if I wanted to encourage more people to try it out. But this isn’t the truth.

I think something we have to establish here is that we do get criticized quite often just because we’re trying to do things differently. I specifically choose the word “different” because I want to say that I don’t think I’m “superior” or standing in a moral high round or whatsoever. People have their own choice of how they want to live, so do we. It’s just that if you stand for something, and if you let people know, you can’t please everyone.

A lot of the times, I feel that a lot of the content creators out there are apologetic when they have used a straw, or when they have eaten meat, and to me it’s just because people can get really critical about it. But the whole point is, living a more green lifestyle doesn’t mean we’re always perfect. We’re all just trying to do our part, and that TRYING is the important word here.

W: What motivates you to keep doing your thing even if it feels pointless sometimes?

K: It certainly does feel tiring and pointless occasionally. Especially when I’m very busy with work [note: Kammie runs her blog in her spare time, and she is not earning money from it]. But usually at the lowest point of the valley, some readers will send me messages saying I’ve influenced them to adopt a greener lifestyle. Those are the moments when I would feel “Okay! it’s worth it”.

And most of the time, it’s that there is no turning back. How can you know that someone might have died making your top and you felt so bad about it and then go back to buying fast fashion products? It just doesn’t add up.

W: How do you do things differently as opposed to your previous lifestyle?

K: To be honest, nothing majorly different. I saved a lot of money [laughing]. I just stopped buying new clothes from H&M and Zara; and actually stopped buying. I rethink most purchases I do, and I stopped consuming meat as often as I can. I use my foldable cup, hankie, and I started a group in the company hoping to stop them from using plastics. That’s pretty much it! 

W: Last question, we better make it count! Lets talk about picking a battle. If there was one issue that you really would want people to be aware of here and now - what would it be?

K: Stop buying blue and distressed jeans!

Do you want to know why, dear reader? Check out Kammie’s post about denim, and find out what alternatives she would suggest.

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