Circles of Influence: Why small actions matter

image of a lake at WOMB Hong Kong editorial

This Saturday we had the pleasure to join a beautiful line-up of powerful female speakers during “War On Waste” event at Pherform Gym in Central Hong Kong. Surrounded by so many incredible women, who all wish to do something to reduce waste, we were really inspired and could definitely feel the positive change coming!

What really resonated with us during the event was the personal story told by Kate, the founder of Eko Savon, a soon-to-launch, HK-based brand selling soap blocks and solid shampoo bars, hand-made locally in Hong Kong from the best, carefully selected raw materials. Kate shared the story of her journey towards becoming a green entrepreneur, and at some point she mentioned the three magical words… 

Circles of influence

When we say “circle of influence” we refer to people who surround us in our everyday life. It can be our colleagues, our family, friends or gym-buddies. Everyone we cross paths with on daily basis, is within our circle of influence! This means that our actions, even the smallest ones, can potentially be seen, felt, and maybe even mirrored by quite a large group of people! (Unless you’re a nomadic Bedouin living in solitude of the desert, and if that’s the case, then yes, your circle of influence is limited, but we are very flattered to have you with us today.)

Very few of us are Instagram-sensations,

successful bloggers or digital influencers. And really, we do not need to be any of that in order to inspire other people and in order to become advocates for conscious change.
We constantly hear people asking the cheeky questions whether we really believe that the two of us being vegan or the fact that we skip that straw or a plastic cup for one or two meals will make a difference. How can a small action on a personal plan make any considerable change? It is at all possible?
And we strongly believe, it is! We believe that one must think globally, but act locally. We also keep thinking of a potential change in other people’s habits or behavior that our actions may inspire or trigger - whether for good or for bad!

We all know how easy it is to go for that extra slice of cake if we can see that our co-worker also took another piece. It’s easy to justify non-recycling if we know that our neighbors don’t recycle either, and we lack gym-motivation if we don’t have someone to do the workout with. We humans like doing things collectively, which is essentially why trends emerge. And we can use that to promote positive change and advocate for the conscious movement, not only to unite in recycling-free laziness or apple-pie-overconsumption.

So today we’d like to do a shout-out to all the readers who don’t give up on their small green acts or their own battles for conscious change. Be the good influencer; think how what you do on the daily basis can (perhaps not immediately) influence others! And maybe try to reverse your own thinking and ask yourself: if I had a million followers on Instagram, what message would I like to send to them? What would I like to inspire them to do? How could I be an advocate for positive change and mindful living?

Let’s make a big, green circle here!