Top 5 conscious brands from Copenhagen

We recently had a chance to hang out around Copenhagen for a bit, breathe its sharp, clean air and walk (and bike) around the city. We met loads of really interesting entrepreneurs and creators, Whose journeys we obviously wish to share with you! Take a look at some of the brands that we loved while in Copenhagen!

Moons and Junes

This small but ambitious, woman-founded and -run brand offers quality simple underwear in a context of body-positivity and slow production. They do not brand themselves as sustainable or ethical, but the values remain deeply ingrained in their process and simply remain the “side effects” of their business. We were lucky to have a chat with Agnete, the founder of Moons and Junes, and the conversation was even more nurturing and inspirational than we had expected. We shared an opinion than a brand does not need to market itself as sustainable, with help of suitable certificates, but the sustainable choices might still be there anyway. In WOMB, we are proud to follow the actual practice scheme, rather than certificates and “no-cruelty” stamps - that is why we are now featuring Moons and Junes in our brand directory!

Best Behavior

Light, natural materials and playful colours? Exactly what one can expect when crossing the door into Best Behavior store in Copenhagen. The brand makes sure about its transparency by indicating who made the clothes that they offer, but also about their social responsibility. They cooperate with Danish - Indian Child Care and support the Danish Indian Children's Home for girls, located in the same region as their suppliers in South India. The all-female team makes sure that the offered products (aimed at women and children) are comfortable, of high quality and do not go out of collection styles after bare minimum of time. In spirit of slow production and no-collection mentality, they seem to offer a viable alternative to biggest high street brands.

Goodies of Løs

Goodies of Løs


We always make sure to remark that we are ourselves very far from being zero-waste, but this does not mean we would take away the pleasure of hopping into a zero-waste shop once in a while! Løs is a well-established Copenhagen’s go-to organic and zero-waste retailer and we were intoxicated to get lost both in their hip surroundings, but also in conversation with their founder. We must admit that our interest in zero-waste accessories (straws, reusable toiletries and so on) is rather on a 50% level - we abstain from just buying hip zero-waste stuff if we know we will have limited intention to use it. However, Løs goes a little beyond that, and offers very down-to-earth produce, gives away very ripe fruits and vegetables for free, offers olive oil and wine in bulk. We are aware that not everyone is able to afford financially shopping in zero-waste stores… But for those who do, it should be a no-brainer.


Admittedly, we did not have a chance to meet with them while in Copenhagen, nonetheless Signe is among brands that we considered very intriguing and potentially a great alternative for getting basic garments. According to the description on their website, they only produce with cotton and bamboo fibres, with organic certificates. The garments are in large extent non-dyes and left with natural colours of the fabrics, but when they are, the dyes are made sure to be as natural and non-toxic as possible. We also love a rather “normcore” style of the garments and minimal collection, making it slow and delightfully limited. An indirect recommend, we will keep informing and editing this article as we gain more information on the brand.


What an amazing conversation we had with Sigrun, who is based in Ringsted, a small city in the outskirts of Copenhagen. In her own workshop, she produces (hand-makes) unique pieces of jewelry using only reclaimed silver and gold. During our conversation with her, we touched upon the fact that indeed re-using precious metals is not a new practice in the jewelry business, but it is still not common to commit 100% to reclaimed materials. We loved the fact that within the SIGRUN JEWELLERY lines, you will not find any pearls (which indeed, are an animal-derived material). Sigrun also shared with us her doubts about fair gold mining and told us that a lot of greenwashing and forged certificates can be observed in jewelry business too. Let's not forget that gold and silver mining has a rather dirty history, and we were sorry to hear that even nowadays the problem still is not solved, and sadly the consumers remain oblivious to the inconvenient truth.

Wanna share info about some other cruelty-free brands in Copenhagen? Do you have a favourite one yourself or you are a founder or creator in one? Drop us a line - we love to learn!