Top 6! WOMB’s favourite HK-based conscious blogs

We don't know it all, in fact, on some subjects our knowledge is very limited.

Here is a list of green blogs that inspire and motivate us in our everyday green(ish) lives!

lesser evil img.png

The Lesser Evil

It is not the first, and definitely not the last time we are mentioning The Lesser Evil blog run by Kammie Lau! She calls herself “A self-centered millennial who creates content for cool girls out there who aren't so shallow about deep issues of the world”. Kammie always shares her honest, sincere and only personal opinions. She does not work with brands, in fact she would spend days, even weeks researching on various topics that interest her. She is passionate about conscious living, minimalist skincare and slow fashion, and she devotes her free time (she has a full-time day job, and her blog is her passion project) to research and writing about issues that matter. And she is the absolute MASTER of Instagram stories!


Two neighbours, high school friends and university flatmates: Ching Ching and Bertha are doing an amazing job together! Their mission is to initiate a conversation, with everyone, on the options we have to embrace a sustainable lifestyle. They share their impartial opinions, test environment-friendly products, and work on introducing environmentally friendly alternatives. On Earthero, one can read about day-to-day lifestyle tips to reduce waste, honest product reviews and learn more about little green steps that we all can embrace and follow in our everyday endeavors. And if you want some eye (and brain) candy, simply check out their Instagram!

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Into The Fort

Extremely well written lifestyle blog by Yee Ting and Ben describing their slow, conscious and beautifully creative life on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. They believe there isn’t one single way to live your life. Hence they are constantly researching and educating themselves on ways of living an ethical lifestyle. In May, they committed to a 30-day-plastic-free-challenge! You can also follow them on Instagram or check their not-always-holistic food extension.


Sustainability, fashion trends, inspiration, life-hacks… You will find it all on HK-based, fashion brand Grana’s beautiful blog. The blog is so much more than a browse through Insta-friendly pictures of their sleek and minimal garments. The posts are meant to raise a debate, introduce Hong Kong green influencers (Oh hello! Have you seen Grana’s conversation with WOMB?), and discuss relevant topics like the availability and affordability of eco-friendly fabrics. Remember to check out Grana for more than comfy jumpsuits and super-soft white tees! Beware! You risk learning a thing or two!

Our Simple Cottage Graphics

Our Simple Cottage

Zero waste life-hacks, honest blog posts and extremely sincere (and human!) approach to sustainability. We enjoy reading the well-thought-through articles and appreciate how the blog also addresses a “Low Waste Lifestyle” - we don’t have to all be zero wasters (kudos to those who are, of course!), but we might as well be thinking of minimizing our waste and personal environmental impact. Agnese and Alex - the masterminds behind “Our Simple Cottage” share their personal routines and honest advice (eg. Zero Waste on a budget) on the blog and they keep ensuring us that, in the long run, even the smallest little green steps do count! Oh, almost forgot! You can follow them on Instagram too!

Green Queen

Last but not least, we want to pay tribute to a blog that does no longer need any introduction in Hong Kong. From tips on where to eat plant-based or buy sustainable fashion to interviews with amazing, influential people, Green Queen is the Online Green Mekka of Hong Kong. Once again, THANK YOU for featuring us on the blog, and for those who haven’t read the post yet, here’s the link to WOMB’s conversation with Green Queen’s Jenny Star. For yummy pictures and green-life-videos, check out their Instagram too!