Why consciousness and creativity go hand in hand

WOMB is a unique mix. We advocate for conscious consumption, sustainable solutions, but at the same time we celebrate creativity and love art and good design. There is method in WOMB’s madness though! Read on to find out why.

Creativity with planning and prepping

What is creativity, really? For us it means thinking outside of the box, and those of you who have or are continuously giving the green lifestyle a try must know that living sustainably isn’t always the easiest option in our busy everyday lives. Conscious choices often lose the battle to convenience; convenient options are easy options; very rarely are these beneficial for our planet though. Everyone who has tried to give the green lifestyle a go must know how much thought and pre-arrangement some things take, and when one has to remember reusable shopping bags, meal-preps and the foldable coffee cup, even fitting all these items in one’s purse or backpack can be a challenge sometimes!

reusable eco grocery bag

Creative research for green alternatives

Current situation is the following: with abundant amounts of non-eco-friendly materials like plastics, foam or synthetic fabrics the temptation to use cheap and instantly available supplies can be hard to resist. It takes more time to apply more sustainable solutions, and one definitely has to put more thought into the production process. One has to be… creative! Long hours of research, then loads of trial-and-error tests to figure out how and with what to replace the environmentally-harmful supplies.

Artistic creativity: trash into treasure

Creativity comes in different forms though, and here we do not only point towards innovative designs and usage of say biodegradable or compostable materials to produce an item. In the case of designers that WOMB chooses to work with, we see a lot of power and creative thought in thrifters! Looking at what other people might classify as trash, eg. fabric scraps, broken skateboards or aluminum tabs, some designers see potential; potential to create. (Read one of our previous posts about our creative up-cyclers!) 

BoardThing  crew picking up skateboards that will be turned into rings!

BoardThing crew picking up skateboards that will be turned into rings!

You don’t have to stand in front of a canvas with a paint-dripping brush for 10 hours a day to call yourself creative. Creativity is everywhere; some of us might call it innovation, others might call it thinking outside of the box, or even non-conformism. Because really, creativity is when you question the status quo and seek for more and better.
And that WOMB loves and tries to do on a daily!