Take 5 with… WOMB's New Year’s resolutions

New year resolutions womb

New Year is here, and so are the resolutions! This week, instead of the standard short interview that we usually give you each Friday, we want to share with you the resolutions that we came up with here at WOMB.
Here is what we decided to devote 2019 to!

Swap and borrow more

We have all been there, standing in the middle of the room, desperately looking through our closet thinking that we have got nothing to wear for the next big party / celebration / occasion. Or standing in our kitchen thinking that we absolutely must go out and buy another home appliance just to make one fabulous dessert. Or planning a party, finding out we don’t have a strong enough speaker and feeling the immediate urge to go out and buy one?

Yes, friends. We are all on the same boat. A drowning dinghy of over-consumption where going out and buying a new item is the easiest available solution. In 2019 we want to… swap and borrow more! Maybe a friend has a piece of clothing we can borrow? Maybe a neighbor or a colleague has the home appliance we need? And maybe one of your party guests could bring a speaker along with them?

We encourage you to think in already produced / available resources! We have so much, we own so much, we rarely need more, but we often feel that we do.

So how about making 2019 the year of mind over (consumed) matter?

Do more research

Last year we came across many brands who… looked sustainable. And the looks can be oh, so deceiving! Not all that glitters is gold, and sadly many brands do greenwashing nowadays, because sustainability and environmental ethics have become catchy marketing keywords.

On the other hand, 2018 was also a year of positive surprises. We found out that some of the big brands who we thought had bad conscience when it comes to environmental and social impact, were actually doing a great, green job! We were happy to discover the green missions and projects of brands like “Manduka”, whom we gladly supported when it came to buying activewear (to that comes the fact that we were then in a place where there weren’t any sustainable local activewear brands, which we would have preferred).

Conclusion? We want to read more, get deeper into brand philosophy and missions & visions to really find out what is under the nicely looking surface. Hopefully 2019 will be a year of less greenwashing and more positive surprises!


From all around we are being bombed with information, news, research, but also rumors, cheap content and non-valid opinions. How to distinguish? We believe that in order to be a mindful human being and an educated consumer, one must invest (time, energy and money too!) in personal growth and education.

So yes! Spend these extra 10 minutes on reading a long NY Times feature on climate change. Pay 20 USD for a webinar about sustainability in the fashion supply chain!

Yes! Skip a “Netflix & chill” night and exchange it for a public movie screening of an impactful documentary, where you not only get great content but also a chance to meet engaged, intelligent people!

We want to become more educated in order to be able to make better decisions. For ourselves and for the planet!

Guard your space

This one has little to do with veganism and sustainability of consumption, but has everything to do with sustainability of time. Having run a self-made business for over a year and a half, we learned more than well about bad and unnecessary meetings. When you are your own boss and you feel ambitious about our enterprise, you try to have as many meetings as possible - after all, you have no idea which contact will actually come in handy and useful! We remember the times when we had 7 meetings a day, 3 of which would be actually productive and the rest - slightly entertaining at best.

Therefore, this year we are guarding our own space and say no to meetings that are just there for the sake of being there. And it does not apply only for professional scenario. Ever felt like you really don’t want to go somewhere, but the only thing forcing you to go is your inability to say no? This year is for that - to say no. Carrying fewer, but more meaningful and dedicated meetings / social encounters means more focus and energy spent on those worthy ones and keeping an actual focus on those connections that really matter.

Mind your food

New Year brought some revelations for WOMB… We have always known that no diet is helping the planet per se, and even vegans who are actively trying to minimize their environmental impact are a burden for the planet’s natural ecosystem too. Recently we stumbled upon this article from The Guardian, and decided to revive our food choices in 2019. There is so much in the food supply chain we aren’t aware of - we keep munching avocados and forgetting what negative impact harvesting the fruits has on out planet (luckily The Guardian is here to remind us about that one too)!
Hence this year we want to dig deeper in the food supply chain and make sure that our dietary choices are as sustainable as possible.

And what are your New Year resolutions? Share below!