Oh hello there! 5 vendors that caught our attention during IRIS

Logo of IRIS wellness festival on WOMB sustainable brands editorial

WOMB spent the weekend snooping around HK’s wellness festival IRIS. At times the heat was unbearable and we hope no one suffered any discomfort because of the burning sun! When the sun finally set, we had the chance to walk around and take a look at all the exhibitors at IRIS’ marketplace.
Here are some highlights!

YES, yes, a thousand times yes. Vegan trade-show coming to Hong Kong in March 2019. Veggieworld stared in Berlin, and the festival already takes place in several locations in Europe. Next year, we will be able to enjoy the veggie-vibes in PMQ in the weekend of March 16-17th. Veggieworld will showcase cruelty-free lifestyle brands, there will be loads of delicious plant-based foods, and talks and workshops as well.
Vegans, meagans, freegans, experimenteagans are all welcome. Good vibes only!

Deep Lake
Well hello... bed! Your mattress might be queen or king, but your sheets are the goddess. We all know that. But not all of us know that Deep Lake produces “vegan silk” sheets! Manufactured in a family-run factory outside of Beijing, the sheets are made of softened bamboo fibers. The dyeing process is free of chemicals, and you see a very toned, natural color palette. The sheets are pleasant to touch and very reasonably priced.
Seems like paradise for (vegan) nude-sleepers!

Hooray! More recyclers are hitting the town! SORA definitely caught our attention with their beautifully patterned multipurpose yoga towels of recycled PET plastics. In every towel you find 8 recycled plastic bottles. (Check their website for nice and clear infographics on how PET plastics are made into fibers and used in towel production!) The towels are easy-peasy to fold, you can take them with you everywhere or even wear like a pashmina/sarong.
They seem perfect for yogis, beachers and… chillers in general.

What a pleasant surprise! We remember Habitu’s beautiful stand during The Conscious Festival by Green Is The New Black in March, however back then their gluten-free options were limited. During IRIS, Habitu was on top of their game though!
We got served a beautiful, fully vegan salad that kept us super-full for super-long. We’d even say that having so much food not too long before yoga classes was slightly irresponsible, but we just

The Garden Gathering
Last but not least, the person who caught our attention was May. She was walking around with a beautiful basket filled with goodies, giving out organic skincare products and inviting people to join The 4th Garden Gathering on Cheung Chau. It will be three days of female wisdom sharing; there will be yoga sessions, holistic workshops, dancing, crystal healing, and much, much more. Liberate your inner goddess and join this beautiful circle.

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