Having an IMPACT in Portugal - this is how it's done!

ImpactHouse in Lisbon

ImpactHouse in Lisbon

Here is someone you should meet - IMPACT Team!

We recently had an opportunity to meet the team behind ImpacT in Lisbon: a team supporting ImpacTrip, ImpacTeam and ImpactHouse in Lisbon - but even though they are based here, their influence reaches broadly outside town - their other branches include Porto, Barcelona and (soon) Split in Croatia. They link social enterprises with volunteers who wish to dedicate their free time helping others.
Even though we usually do not write about singled-out companies and stay impartial for promoting other businesses, we considered the team behind this threefold business very inspirational, and we decided to introduce it to you! Read on to find out what they told us!

Let’s start at the beginning.
ImpacTrip was founded by Rita Marques and Diogo Areosa who are both still deeply active in everything the company is involved with; they work hard to expand their action to other cities and countries too. Before founding the company working with social issues, the founders gained their life experience and inspiration, as well as consciousness on what the world needs, by travelling in Southeast Asia. Upon arrival back to beautiful, and let’s face it - in some regards privileged - Lisbon, they joined their efforts to create a company that would be lively and interesting, but helpful at the same time.

During one Thursday afternoon a few weeks back, we directed our steps to a modest street and up the stairs of a traditional, very esthetic building. We were not sure what to expect, but very intrigued - as usually, when we are about to meet conscious change-makers. As mentioned above, the company is responsible for 3 separate enterprises which all work with one another and support each other as in one well-working organism. ImpacTrip, ImpacTeam and ImpactHouse.
Let us take you through each of them briefly.

ImpacTrip was created to bridge the gap between potential volunteers and local social enterprises which need their help. Within their experience, ImpacTrip successfully provides man-power and help for organisations that work with the elderly, help out the disabled and in need of any assistance, environmental conservation, animal welfare and protection, marine life relief… the list goes on. They always make extra sure that the skillset of any applicant is well suited with the needs of the given enterprise and that the collaboration will result with nothing but benefit on both sides. They provide all the help and facilities for the incoming volunteers, and locate them in their own “home”, which bring us to ImpactHouse - the amazing place we had a chance to visit, on that quiet Thursday afternoon. Their space on Rua do Possolo near Lisbon’s Estrela is truly a Mecca for sustainability. Filled with recycled and up-cycled furniture, with their own composting facility, with a bike that grinds plastic in order to re-use it (!), with their own kitchen where they cook with vegetarian options in mind as well, with water and energy conservation and management, and with truly welcoming and warm people to say hi to - ImpactHouse is a cheerful place filled with sustainable solutions waving at you from every corner. We did not want to leave! It is also where the volunteers who sign up for their volunteering programme can stay during their work. The space provides them with events and activities, organises yoga classes and movie screenings and even displays and sells a small collection of local products connected to being zero-waste and leading more sustainable lifestyle. We believe ImpactHouse is a must-stay or at least must-see spot for sustainable inspiration and community - and for conscious tourism, which we recently are looking at much more closely!

But let’s bring ourselves to the last (but not least) piece of the puzzle, which is ImpacTeam. This branch of Impact originated from the requests the team was constantly getting from the corporate sector - which desperately needed to speed up their sustainability game too! By collaborating with corporate clients, the Impact team enhances their sustainable consciousness, links companies with social enterprises and helps them allocate their CSR funds into valuable causes, but also organises trips and events for a corporate environment to become more actively involved with fun, team-building activities. Tackling the problem of eco-awareness from all the angles, starting at potential volunteers and grassroots support, through tourism and up to corporate level, is something that we admire and support the most, because it impacts the debate on all the levels - and that is precisely what sustainability needs the most right now.

We just recently had a conversation with a good friend about the necessity of global action, centralised international and holistic effort, not just alleviating one pain and hoping it will not come back up or bring another one along. We cannot just act on one level and hope that the message will spread itself. Most of the problems with disseminating the conscious message are connected with the fact that often we tend to “preach to the converted”. In other words, it is easy to stay in a comfort zone of people who will nod their heads to whatever we say because they are already on our page. Making the message complex, tackling the hard but important problems and really acting by appealing to different professional and social levels - that is where the change can really come from. And we see this sort of dedication in what ImpacTrip is doing.
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