Green Festivals to catch this summer!


Music festivals are fun, but they can be extremely harmful for the environment - with the increased amounts of people gathered in one place, generation of waste, used energy, carbon released from transport. While it is impossible to rule those negative factors entirely, some festivals go to further extents to relieve the pressure we place on our planet simply because we wish to have fun. Check out what is still happening around Europe this summer and make sure to get some eco-friendly party going on!

Boom Festival

22-29 July, Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal

Boom is a well-established event with an eco-friendly twist added to its line up, with around two decades of history and experience. The organisers are actually also the owners of the land, on which the event is taking place, which makes it perfectly possible to plan the environmental backdrop of the festival down to the last detail. Solar panels powered energy, compost toilets, waste management (recycling and composting), bio-construction and bio-fuel are only some among all the eco solutions by Boom. The general feel of the event is more trance-y and oriental, so you won’t find huge mainstream headliners there (Tame Impala or Ariana Grande, leading in majority of the tycoon festivals around the world), but it is perfect for those who look for mindfulness and escape from the most hedonistic and thoughtless activities known to festival-goers, such as blind drunkenness, mindless drug culture and Instagram coverage. The festival is also located in a charming central-eastern area of Portugal

Green Man

15-18 August, Brecon Beacons, Wales

Green Man is a locally situated festival in Wales, sadly already sold-out this year but you still probably have a chance to buy some tickets via social media - good luck. Among the Green Man’s green attempts listed on the festival’s website we read about ban on plastic cups and straws, ban on non-compostable glitter, encouragements to take the trash with you after the festival is through as well as taking up recycling while there. The organisers encourage festival-goers to take National Express coaches that can get them directly to the event area, in order to minimise the carbon footprint of the travel. The food offered in festival will be Fair Trade, and the area will be fitted with water refilling stations, so everyone are welcome to bring their water bottles. The festival will provide reusable cups for beers and other drinks that we can then reuse through the whole duration of the event. The festival will also power up one of their stages fully with solar energy, with the rest of diesel-powered energy being offset. So, who’s up to go to Wales?!


Pohoda Festival

11-13 July, Trenčín, Slovakia

We must say, being from Poland we were actually familiar with the festival for years back but we just recently learned about their ecological approach. They have in recent years been winning prizes which certify the organisers’ journey towards more and more sustainable and ecologically efficient festival. Pohoda is a semi mainstream festival with artists such as Skepta, The Roots, Lykke Li, Mura Masa any many more in line up. But their attempts towards eco-friendliness are very noticeable and absolutely needed. The festival will provide special BIO composting waste containers, they will also distribute separate bags for recycling with each tent inside camping site. While they seem to be using a simple TOI TOI toilets, the festival assures that since 2017 only biological concentrate is being used in them. Vacuum toilets that save water also seem like a clever move in this regard. The festival is actually branding itself “the greenest festival in Europe”, and we must say the list of eco-friendly solutions is impressive - you can read on about it on the festival website! The only hope is that it gets implemented, but we are cheerleading for that!


Mama Gathering

4-7 July, Dolina Baryczy, Poland

If it wasn’t for Mama Earth, we would not be here. As easy and as complicated as that.
When you see a “Mama Festival” among recommended summer gigs, som of you might be put off, but try to hold that bubbling wave of judgement back for just few more moments. The festival is a holistic, women-focused, but not women-only gathering. Not only will you meet tens of inspiring women who run their own businesses, are mothers, healers, teachers, authors, but you will also get the chance to participate in enriching and inspiring workshops. During the 4 days of Mama Gathering you will get the chance to do bodywork and yoga, participate in (vegan) cooking workshops, learn about plant medicine and holistic health.
We are especially looking forward to checking out the sustainable marketplace and talking to the independent brands and creative makers, and we are also super excited to announce WOMB’s contribution to the festival! On Friday, July 5th at 7 PM we will have a series of talks with Q&A sessions where we will discuss the ethics (or rather lack of same) of the fashion industry.



August 6–10, Oslo, Norway

With a sharp and critical eye looking at elements like: food served, transportation, waste management and use of electricity, Øyafestivalen in Norway is one of the innovative leaders in terms of sustainable event organizing and execution. Our hearts skip a beat when we read that “We want our festival to contribute to a sustainable future – and work towards a festival that is renewable, plantbased and circular.” The festival has cut their use of plastic with 90% since 2016, which we think, is pretty good! And the fact that all waste is hand-sorted in 15 different fractions with over 60% of the waste being reused for new products, indeed proves that Øya has sustainability high on their agenda.
Besides a galore of eco-solutions, Øya is a fun, engaging music festival that will present to you The Cure, Erykah Badu, Tame Impala and many more! Should we pin Norway in for early August?