Greet the world - be a conscious festival vendor

You may have noticed that every time WOMB goes to a festival, we always report on the market place. We love meeting makers, independent vendors, and small businesses; many of the brands we now have in our directory, we came across during festivals.

This quick read is aimed at independent makers and small designers as an encouragement to go out and show at festivals! 

As a conscious brand, you are probably all about the community 


The brands we collaborate with are never JUST product-makers. They are storytellers. As a conscious brand, we know that you are not only focused on selling your product, but you want to connect with like-minded people. You want to share your vision and mission with others, who share your views and care about things that matter to you too. Whether it is preserving our oceans, living plastic-free or protecting the wildlife.  

We see this symbiotic correlation between festivals and market places. Like in villages in ancient times, the market place is where people gather. It is not just a place of trading goods, we're trading gossips too! Market places have a beautiful, vivid energy, they gather the communities of different vendors, and those communities merge into... one happy crowd! By joining other brands in a market place, you gain the best possible exposure. As valuable as social media cross-promotions or newsletter-shout outs may be, nothing is more powerful than meeting your (conscious) customer face-to-face. And what's better than meeting them during a good-vibes-only festival? Exactly, nothing can possibly top that!

Brand collaborations

You are not the only vendor on the market, and that's your blessing! We won't elaborate on this paragraph much, we will, instead, give you a real-life example. In November 2018 we curated the conscious market place for The Garden Gathering in Hong Kong. Among our vendors, we had Suphia who sold her home-made vegan bars and Ching Yi from Holy Shrooms. The girls met during The Garden Gathering, chatted and ended up collaborating! They came up with a recipe for superfood-bars with Reishi Mushrooms which are powerful adaptogens.

Market places are physical arenas where you as a conscious maker can seek further inspiration. Don't miss that chance!

The conscious pressure

The Garden Gathering 2018 - Leeliu Mak and May Nogoy

The Garden Gathering 2018 - Leeliu Mak and May Nogoy

We are lucky to be surrounded by people who appreciate slow production and proclaim mindful consumption. At the same time, we are aware of the fact that this is not the attitude of the vast majority. For most people, fast (and pretty furious) production is the way forward; more items produced in less time.

And sometimes, it feels like we know a secret they the rest of the world doesn't. That we see something that hasn't yet been revealed to them. 

Think about it this way, when you go to a festival, showing your brand, talking about your sustainable approach, you can the opportunity to educate people! Maybe they didn't know that deodorant or lipstick could come in a cardboard tube instead of plastic! Maybe they didn't know that their sandwich could be wrapped in a beeswax-cover. Maybe they didn't realize that their sandwich could go vegan?!

Don't make the selling of your product your only mission. Remember what a powerful insight you're carrying: you know how to produce sustainably and what alarm signs in fast production to be alert of! Share your knowledge and experience with people. And if your story resonates (which it most likely will!), you'll surely land a sale too! 

What's cookin’, Hong Kong?

We hope that the three paragraphs above gave you insight into why participating in market places at festivals is not only good for your brand but also a great possibility for eco-activism. And before we wind-down, we would like to remind you that The Garden Gathering 2019 is approaching and also this year, we will be responsible for the curation of the conscious market place. We are looking for food- and none-food vendors, preferably vegan. We welcome social enterprises, businesses with a mission, independent makers who can restore our connection and appreciation for the handcrafts and slow, mindful production. The Garden Gathering is an all-female festival, so this call is for women-run businesses. We hope to see as many of you as possible. You can let us know if you're interested by emailing or reaching out to us via Instagram @itswomb.

If you're hesitating, here is a little testimonial from Suphia:

[I] was at The Garden Gathering last year, met so many beautiful woman and joined some interesting classes also the foods was amazing, so happy to have joined the three days of The Gathering.

- Suphia from Suphia’s Functional Foods

Being a vendor at festivals is not only about raising awareness about my products but also a fantastic way to meet like-minded people.
After my days at GG 2018 I came home with a lighter suitcase, a heart full of love and new friends to make me feel even more at home in Hong Kong.

- Miyabi from Bahini