Take 5 with… Adeline chan from veggieworld!

Adeline Chan veggieworld vegan trade show hong kong


1. Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from, and what about Hong Kong makes it special and makes you stay? 

Hi this is Adeline, 2017 was a magical year when I embarked the journey as a vegan for various reasons – the environment, animals and social justice. I am a Hong Kong based project director of an international trade fair—VeggieWorld, Europe's largest trade fair for a vegan lifestyle to be debuting in Hong Kong in March 16-17 2019 at PMQ. I consider Hong Kong my home though my birthplace is China. Hong Kong is a hub of communities regardless nationality, culture, belief, the openness of this city allows creative minds and change makers to come together, the synergy is astonishingly dynamic and diverse. I find it very attractive and this has been the reason I call Hong Kong home.     

2. What's important to you, and how do these values affect your professional choices? 

Embrace compassion without exception. As a yogi, a very basic quality that everyone has is Ahimsa (meaning non-violence). Compassion and kindness is our true nature, the compassion we are referring are not only for ourselves, living beings but also for the environment. I became vegetarian to lower my environmental impact in 2016, being inspired by Bobsy Gaia, founder of Mana! Fast Slow Food about the true cost of a beef burger, I can no longer consume any meat. Recently, a report shows that animal agriculture surpasses oil as largest polluter in the world (1), and humans are left 12 years to limit climate catastrophe (2) -- it is indeed uplifting many people are seriously interested in living green and want to make positive change, yet we should not lose sight of the climate impact of our food choices. It is crucial that our well-being and the well-being of Mother Earth is inseparable, I like a quote from a book that I recently read – “A personal commitment to the health of the environment matures when we learn to be kind to all beings – from other people to insects to trees to the fish that swims in the ocean and river. And be kind to your own self.” And these powerful words lays the value of my professional choices today.

  1. Big Meat and Dairy are Heating up our Planet – IATP 

  2. We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, warns UN – The Guardian

3. Tell us about VeggieWorld - why do you think Hong Kong is a good place for the trade fair?

VeggieWorld is Europe’s largest trade fair oriented to promote a plant-based lifestyle, our first VeggieWorld was held in Germany in 2011 and started growing exponentially in 2014. Last year, 17 VeggieWorld trade fairs were organized in Germany, France, Poland, the UK, Spain, Belgium and Portugal. In a recent survey, 1.6 million of Hong Kong people self-claiming to be flexitarian or reducetarian, Hong Kong is also the first international market for plant meat pioneers Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods to launch new products, what does that say about Hong Kong? A great potential market for plant-based business! VeggieWorld is all about connecting conscious consumers and plant-based business with B2C trade fair, empowering individuals to make positive change through educational talks, workshops, cooking demos in our conference program. In VeggieWorld, you will meet change makers, people who think and act differently, you will meet plant-based pioneers who strives to crystalize social change by sharing their successful stories. You will find vegan enjoyment, possibility and varieties. Butchers of the 5th generation are welcome to join us too!

Let’s make some plants for the weekend? 😉     

4. What are your thoughts on the average Hong Kong diet? And how do you think initiatives like VeggieWorld can influence what ends on a typical HK-plate? 

Sadly more than 50% of annual deaths in the city can be attributed to unhealthy lifestyles and poor eating habits, half of the Hong Kong population had high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol before the age of 40. It is very alarming to all of us! Overconsumption of meat and highly processed food is taking fatal toll of our health. VeggieWorld advocates not only a vegan lifestyle but a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for humans, the environment and animals, too. Knowledge is the power to change, VeggieWorld is here to connect Hong Kong to the most update knowledge, skills, and trends to start a plant-based lifestyle hands in hands with our international and local plant-based gurus. We don’t want to influence what ends on a typical plate, we aim at influencing what ends in the minds at large – AWARENESS.     

5. What other interesting projects are you working on?

Besides my day job as a project director, together with my fellow partners we co-founded a local community "Vegans Hong Kong" on Facebook to facilitate an inclusive and supportive space for vegans or vegan-curious to share information, tips and create impacts – through regular workshops, talks, screenings and community gatherings. The community continues to grow and our crews are planning ahead great contents in 2019.