Take 5 with... Catia Curica from ORGANII!

Organii Natural Cosmetics Catia Curica

Welcome to WOMB’s weekly “Take 5…” series! Every week’s Friday, we feature a short 5-questions interview with a conscious personality, for you to have a nice breather and try to meet someone new in a 5 minutes interview. Previously, our amazing speakers were mostly from Hong Kong or Asia, but please prepare for some broader perspective from now on!

Meet Catia Curica, a co-founder of ORGANII, a Portuguese brand that sells and promotes only sustainable and organic cosmetics that don’t cause allergies and irritations with a rule of “the fewer and more natural ingredients, the better”.

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself, your background and what inspired you to create Organii?

I’m a pharmacist who started studying food and macrobiotics 20 years ago. And for me to discover a natural approach to living was a seed for changing my life. So when I discovered organic cosmetics and saw the huge difference that they make on my skin, and how many allergies I could avoid with it, I started to think about opening a shop, as there are always more people like us in the world.

2. Your brand selection is quite broad and very impressive - would you like to tell us about how you are choosing specific brands to work with? What are your criteria?

I’m always searching for new brands, going to fairs, walking around cities and when I see something that I think is interesting - I try to find out more, visit them, get to know their culture, their company, see, touch and get to really know the brand. If I feel comfortable with representing the brand, if I fell proud of what they are doing we try to have that brand with us.

3. How do you think the reception in Portugal (and worldwide) is like for a brand like yours?

I think it’s good, people love it but not everybody try the products even if they love the brand. But we feel that our costumers are growing and their support too, so I think we are on the right track.

4. We know you are also organising an Organii Eco Market in Lisbon once a year - would you like to tell us a bit more about this initiative?

As I found a growing number of ecological brands in Portugal that were artisanal, eco and just amazingly beautiful, I thought it would be great to have a market where the organic and ecological world would meet. So the Organii Ecomarket was born and more and more brands are joining us. The aim is simple - to create an ecological community, whose members share the same approach to natural living through different ways.

5. Last but not least - any personal heroes you would like to tell us about?:) 

Bea Johnson, Francisco Varatojo, Wim Hof are among the people that inspire me to be more ecological and follow my dreams.

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