Chatting with Tini & Mari from SORA


This week we share with you a short interview with the girls behind SORA Life. Read more about the brand and its practices, and learn about the little green steps from the girls’ everyday lives!

Tell us a bit about yourselves, where are you from, and why did you choose Hong Kong as a base for yourself and your business?

We are two close friends from opposite sides of the world that met when we were both working in Asia. While our headquarters are currently located in Hong Kong, we see ourselves as a brand that takes inspiration from our mother countries, Norway and Australia. Choosing Hong Kong as a base was easy! Hong Kong is such a great place to be: a melting pot of cultures, a thriving eco-conscious community, a financial hub, a world-class destination for the arts and cultural events and a very inspiring place to be for entrepreneurs.

What's important to you, and how do these values affect your professional choices? 

We both value happiness and it's so important for us to create a working environment where we are happy, feel valued and love what we do. We usually say that we aim to spend 80% of our time on what we love and 20% on our time on the boring stuff that still needs to get done. As business partners, we're constantly looking out for each other, but when we grow and hire it means we won't just look for a specific skill set, we want to work with people we like and create a positive environment. Of course, sustainability is important to us. So we try to make the right choices when it comes to choosing to work with recycled material and trying to reduce unnecessary waste in production and logistics.

Tell us about SORA - what’s your mission and vision? 

When we started SORA, we wanted to create a product that is traditionally straightforward and functional but adding life to it through art. The idea of a multi-purpose towel came to us when we both were looking for a cute towel but one of us needed it for yoga and the other one for travelling. Then we realized there was a technology that allows us to reuse plastic bottles to create a fabric that can absorb water and that felt like the go-sign we needed. The fact that a towel is basically a blank canvas, just made us so excited to be able to throw all our creative juices into it and turn it into something beautiful! Our goal is to keep closing the gap between functionality, design and sustainability. At the end of the day, we want to make it easy for people to make a more sustainable choice.


How would you describe the general eco-awareness in Hong Kong (is there a discrepancy between the local and the expat community?) and what do you personally do on a daily basis to live more consciously?

I would say the eco-awareness is growing in Hong Kong but we still have a long way to go. I wouldn't want to put any kind of distinction between the local and expat community. We all have the same responsibilities :) On our end, we try and think about all the choices we do in our daily lives. We both try and reduce our use of single plastic by always bringing a reusable water bottle, having a little tote bag in our bag when doing groceries, opting for the vegetable markets instead of the plastic-wrapped produce. We eat a heavily plant-based diet at home and when we shop clothes we try and go for local brands or pre-loved items. In Hong Kong, we are also so lucky to have strong public transportation and walkable streets!

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