Take 5 with... Beata Miros from COODO!

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This week, in our “Take 5 with…” series, we are highlighting for you a super-woman, an entrepreneur, a marketing wizard, and a mother… A founder and driving force behind coodo, one of the brands that you can find in WOMB’s directory. Meet Beata Miros and read on to find out about her personal and professional values, how motherhood changed her life and added more self-confidence to her personality and where she finds inspirations for creating an ethical, sustainable brands for the little ones!

1.  Tell us a little about yourself, your background and how you ended up doing what you do.  

I am proud to be founder and owner of COODO – small, local but fast-growing and gaining on popularity, Polish company producing and selling minimalistic eco-friendly clothes for babies.

Since the beginning till now, I have been responsible in the company for key strategic areas such as marketing, sales and production. I must admit that production was something new for me and it took me some time to learn basic rules necessary to manage production process. Luckily, marketing was something very close to my heart, as for the last 10 years I have been working in marketing sector helping and advising others big brands to build communication strategies. Building my own brand was the realisation of my professional ambition and for sure COODO would not look like it does without my experience in this area.


2. As a mother and an entrepreneur, what would be some pieces of advice you would give to other women out there to make them more confident about starting their own company?

First of all, I know I would have not become an entrepreneur if I weren’t a mother. The fact that I became a mother changed my world, my priorities, my needs but also my self-confidence and as a result also my professional life... I believe that motherhood is my superpower that gives me motivation, energy and strength to lead a business. Having had less time, I became better organised, more focused on priorities, more assertive.

What would I advise to other mothers? I would say that running a business has a lot to do with bringing up children: you have to be able to listen carefully to the needs of others, you have to be a good observer, but you also have to be able to trust your own intuition.

From COODO lookbook

From COODO lookbook

 3.  How do you look at the tendency of customers (in your case, parents of youngest babies) to choose small local but ambitious brands, like yours, over chain fast companies? Is there still a discrepancy there or you can see the consumer behaviour changing in this regard?

The market in which COODO operates, belongs to the biggest brands from fast fashion sector and, honestly, I do not think that it will change in the nearest future. However, certainly small brands are taking market shares more and more boldly from the biggest ones.

Additionally, what is worth mentioning, parenthood is the time when many customers become, so called, aware consumers. While choosing products for babies (food, cosmetics but also clothes) we tend to read more, we think more carefully, we are more interested how, where and in what conditions products are made. We are more willing to devote more time to finding valuable brands that meet our needs and cease to be satisfied only with brands that we know from mass media advertising. We are much more careful during shopping because one wants give only the best product to their baby. Very often it is the beginning of a longer adventures with local bands.


4.  We know you often work with another amazing female entrepreneur, Magdalena Tekieli, on your collections. How much importance do you place on the cross-collaborations like this one? Any more coming up for COODO?

I must admit that I love to work with women, especially so talented, positive and creative like Magda Tekieli. Working with people with similar aesthetics, sensitivity and approach to work is not only pure pleasure but it also saves time and energy;) I am very proud of the effects of our work with Magda and I am sure that our best projects are still ahead.


5.  Could you share some of your personal heroes or inspirations?

My everyday life has always been my greatest inspiration and my children are my heroes. I believe that if we – adults - were learning from our kids to look at the world as they do, the world would be much better.

Inspirations for new projects are derived from my clients. We talk a lot with them during their slow shopping  in our showroom, we receive a lot of messages from them,  they write what they like, what they miss, what they are looking for - and we try to respond to their needs. I believe that in the modern world, companies have focused too much on creating new consumer needs, so we have such a soaring consumerism. We at COODO are only trying to meet the existing needs that our clients have - that is why we listen to them carefully. Nothing more.

COODO showroom in Warsaw

COODO showroom in Warsaw