Hemp house and skateboards... take 5 with Piotr Kierat!


Another week, another interview, another designer! In this incredibly interesting and cheerful line of interviews with our amazing designers, this time meet Piotr Kierat - the founder and a part of BoardThing superpower squad. Talking to us about skateboarding, inspirations and… house made of hemp.

1. The reason for and benefits from recycling wood from skateboards are obvious so we will not ask for them, but we wish to go back to the core - how did you start your adventure with skating in the first place?

Maybe I will start with just briefly introducing myself - my name is Piotr and I am the founder of BoardThing. Apart from me, there is also Sebastian who is the second piece of our brand. The answers will be mine, but I am sure Sebastian’s answers would be equally interesting. But to answer your question - the beginnings of my skateboarding come down to a rather funny story… When I was 15 I fell off a tree and broke my arm - I ended up with the arm and my torso in cast exactly when all of my friends in the neighborhood were starting to skate. Naturally I also wanted to try, so together with all my cast I started learning anyway and tried to do my first Ollies (basic skateboard trick) anyway. All my friends started skating because of the video game called Tony Hawk Pro Skater :)


2. What are your personal values that you try to translate into strengths of your brand?

Quality, respect, trust.

In our company, the starting point is always quality, because whoever buys cheap and low-quality things, usually ends up just buying more and often because they do not last. We give a 5-year guarantee for our products. We respect everything that surrounds us, and that is why we try to use as little resources as we can, and the building block of our products is wood from destroyed skateboards which we are reusing.


3. We know you are also involved in other projects apart from BoardThing - would you like to share what they are?

I am also a commercial photographer, in the near future I am also planning to build a house with wood and industrial hemp (hempcrete), I feel like our next business steps will be connected to those activities.

4. Tell us more about your collaboration with One Tree Planted and how did you get on board.

The collaboration with One Tree Planted works in a way that every sell we make directs 1$ for planting trees in various parts of the world. Actually, every time we go to a forest, we end up collecting other people’s trash.

5. Who are some of your personal heroes and sources of inspiration?

I have very many sources of inspiration, among them there is often nature, art, family, friends, artists, entrepreneurs, athletes. When it comes to our BoardThing crew, we always look up to Haroshi, we recommend everyone to check his amazing crazy work with skateboards, among other materials!

For the instagram lovers, here is BoardThing!