Friday chat with… Agnete from Moons and Junes

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It has only been a few weeks since we met Agnete in person for the first time, but she has made such a strong impression on us that we cannot help but sharing her, her thoughts and promoting her vision. We are thrilled to give you a closer introduction to this amazing entrepreneur, the founder and the main power-bank behind Moons and Junes, a beautiful brand with beautiful values whom you might have spotted already in our directory.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from, where did you study, and what about Copenhagen makes it special and makes you stay?

I'm from Denmark, born in Copenhagen raised in Aarhus. I've studied sociology at Copenhagen Business School and enjoyed a chunk of time studying a bit of entrepreneurship at Columbia University in New York City. What makes Copenhagen so special to me is that it doesn't have the busy-feel of a typical capital city. I love the pace here. I love that everyone is on their bikes, hanging out with their friends in parks, the cosiness. And it's home - my family and friends – which definitely my favourite thing about the city. 

2. What's important to you, and how do these values influence your professional choices?

Oh, where to start. Many things are of importance to me, but one of my values that are strongly reflected in my professional choices is the importance of intersectional feminism and representation. It’s of high importance to us that we promote a diverse cast of people in our campaigns and use part of our revenue to support feminist organisations that amplify voices and support women. But rather than just promoting women from different walks of life, it’s important that we cater our products to them. That’s why each of our styles are catered to different body types and we’re constantly working on developing more sizes and designs that are even better suited for e.g. larger chests.

3. Tell us about Moons & Junes - how and why did it start?

From Moons and Junes campaign. The lingerie is made for all shapes and sizes and advertised to al shapes and sizes too.

From Moons and Junes campaign. The lingerie is made for all shapes and sizes and advertised to al shapes and sizes too.

Thinking back on my teen years, I (like oh so many others) suffered from low self-esteem and body insecurities. I found myself compromising with comfort in order to fit into the socially constructed ideal of beauty. In my quest for a healthier relationship with my body. I noticed how difficult it was to find intimates that were truly comfortable – AND that didn’t distort my look by altering my shapes… You know the gist of it; push up bras for bigger, firmer, rounder breasts, corsets for thinner waists, shape wear etc.. And so I decided to build a bra that would offer comfort and support, without all the “extras”. 

And thus Moons and Junes came to life; an intimates brand that celebrates individuality, quirks and community. The intention was to build a brand that doesn't just promote diverse body types, but actually caters their products to them as well.

4. What do you do to live more consciously on daily basis? 

Especially two things come up. First, I want to keep getting better at prioritising taking care of my mental health; not pushing myself too hard, taking time to practice yoga and be social with people I love. Second, I can always get better at living an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. Taking matters into own hands isn’t always easy, but making moves towards it with regards to consumption culture, diet and recycling is important. 

5. Who are your personal heroes and why? 

I have many, there are so many inspirational people I look up to and am inspired by. But these days especially my sister comes up. She’s pregnant and haven’t exactly had an easy pregnancy. Seeing how she handles her struggles is mighty inspiring to me.