Take 5 with… Dorota from Wild Rabbit Lingerie


Like most people on this planet, we love Fridays. Our reasons are not the usual after-work beer though. EveryFriday we share with you an interview with a change-maker, a conscious personality on her mission to change the world… sometimes one bra at a time! Let’s give a warm welcome to this week’s guest: Dorota from Wild Rabbit Lingerie

1. Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from, and what about Cracow makes it special and makes you stay?

My name is Dorota, I come from a small town between Kraków and Katowice - Chrzanów. Since my early years I wanted to be a designer or a Veterinarian. But I knew that I can have animals and help them in diferent ways, and the passion to create was stronger. I started by making outfits for my dolls and teddy bears, later I started experimenting with my own clothing.

I have loved Kraków since I was a kid, so it was kind of obvious choice for me to study and work here. I finished Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design, meanwhile I started to work as Visual Merchandiser for Inditex, where I was working for around 9 years. My relationship with Cracow was changing throughout the years, there was a time that I become really tired of this place, and I needed to run away for a year. But mostly because I spend most of this period of my life in shopping centers, and I craved even more closeness to nature, than I had most of the time. It makes me sad also, that for a big part of a year just breathing the air here [in Cracow] is dangerous for Your health. So I'm not sure if it's my dream place to live in the future, but for now I enjoy being here. I love the architecture, the small old streets with the cafes, and I like the fact, that the city is not too big, but there is always a place to go and explore. I wish the city was greener, even though there are some green areas already. I think it's a really beautifull, inspiring city, and I build most of my private live here.

2. What's important to you, and how do these values affect your professional choices? 

Peace, creation, love, comfort, nature. My first big step to live in alignment with my beliefs was to quit my previous job. I don't really like how most of the "big" fashion industry works. I hated the level of stress it gave me, the mass production, and the fact that I did not know what was hidden behind it. So I decided to make my underwear in short, limited editions. Because of that customers feel more appreciated and special, and I don't produce the unnecessary waste. To be honest, the way I produce is also linked to the fact that I have new ideas all the time and I don’t want to wait with them untill "next season".  So I design something new every few weeks. Of course, the seasons and the trends in fashion industry inspire me, but I believe everybody should buy what they think they love, so they will wear it longer than one season.

I also want to propose an alternative to this devaluation of price and product in fast fashion. End of the summer doesn't mean that fabrics cost less, or that I put less work into it. I make some promotions sometimes, but not season sales. I believe that all women should feel beautifull, we have massive problem with self-love and acceptance. That's why I rarely use professional models in my shootings. For now most of the time I pose by myself, or my friends are posing. I also started inviting some of my customers to do it, and I hope this idea will expand in future. I want my lingerie to be beautifull, but comfortable at the same time. More for women, than men, for sure.

I love animals so I don't want to use any non - vegan materials. For my collection of scrunchies I used some recycled silk though, from vintage scarfs. It's another move for zero - waste living. I also use metal elements instead of plastic ones, and I use paper boxes to pack my products. 

3. Tell us about Wild Rabbit Lingerie - how and why did it start?

Actually it was just my 5th anniversary with Wild Rabbit! I was designing some diferent stuff before - clothes, bags, some jewelery.. I was searching and trying diferent things. The idea for underwear came quite naturally. Few years before I started, I bought my first two soft bralettes, which was something absolutelly new after the long era of push-up bras - that I never liked anyway. I fell in love with how comfortable the bralette was, even the shape of the breast was suprisingly and weirdly natural - after wearing padded underwire bras for years You need to get used to that.

Anyway that was a time when it was nearly impossible to buy more of this kind of lingerie, and by watching the growth of this trend on pinterest, I was more and more drawn to it. And one day, I simply decided to do it on my own. I remember my mom telling me that I am not choosing the easiest path, but I said - let’s give it a try. ;)

It took me only a few days to make the two first sample bras, a logo and a facebook page. The idea for brand name came fast too. I'm a huge animal lover, and I have two rabbits. It's a cute, flirty and happy animal, but can also be inaccessible and wild. I found it a perfect representation of my brand. My first customers were girls I worked with and friends. And it slowly started to spread...


4. Who are your personal heroes?

This is tough. And at the same time not at all.

It will sound cliche, but for me a small acts of bravery and spreading love matters. A hero can be someone who just helped or adopted an abandoned animal. Someone who stays home alone with small kids... The activists that stand in defend of cows, while wa are stuck at work. A hero is someone, who is not afraid to step out of their comfort zone, in order to change their own or someone else's life for the better. A hero is for me someone who keeps working for their dreams. Or someone who cleaned the beach on their vacation. A friend that raised someone up when they needed it the most.

I truly believe that 'We can be heroes just for one day' ;) and it matters. And staying connected to small good deeds can work even better and make bigger impact than single big ones.

5. What other interesting projects are you working on?

For now I do most of work in Wild Rabbit by myself, I design, sew, I take most of the pictures, and I control the social media... So I don’t have time for any other projects. But I have a lot of ideas about how I would love this brand to grow, and what more I would love to do. But let's give it time. We will see what happens.