Take 5 with... Jade Rozenbroek!

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Another entirely vegan brand we wish to share with you! We love when owners and designers of ethical brands reach out to us, like Jade from Rozenbroek! We are happy to let you know that Rozenbroek is now in our brand directory too - and below you can find out why! Read on to learn about yet another vegan, sustainable brand - this time all the way from East London!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from, what is your background and how did it get you to where you are now?

I am a born and bred Yorkshire lass, raised in a small rural village and spent my childhood surrounded by animals. Due to being quite adventurous when I was a child, my imagination was quite vivid and I expressed this by designing clothes for my barbie that my old lady neighbour used to knit for me. When I was 16 I left school to pursue a career in Fashion and went to college and then moved to London for University and that is when I really started to live and breathe the fashion lifestyle. When I finished my degree I moved straight to New York to do a masters and stayed for a year as I was fortunate enough to get a job at Marc Jacobs which I loved. Following that I moved back to London to work for Burberry and then to Milan to work for Versace. 

2. What do you consider your most important personal values and how do they influence your professional choices? 

Kindness is probably the value that I believe to be the most important. Everyone and everything should be treated equally. This flows naturally into my professional life also, I source fabrics that are certified organic as the supply chain has been monitored and human suffering is eliminated. I treat the ladies who work in my factory as equals and we work through each garment together and problem solve together, we have short days and long breaks and work around their family lives. We try and be kind to everybody in the supply chain and the planet.

3. Tell us a bit about Rozenbroek - how was it born and what should we know about it?

When I was in New York I became vegan and subsequently I started to think of the environmental impact of the fashion industry and was striving to make changes for the better, however in such large companies such changes could not be implemented. Nearly three years ago I decided to go it alone and to try and build a brand with sustainability at the core and incorporate all of the other elects that I found to be important such as renewable energy, veganism, fair wages and making locally to a high standard.

Not only is Rozenbroek the first Made in England, luxury sustainable brand, but we also have our own factory where we make all of our clothing, which is run by solar energy, so all of our machines, heaters and lighting is run by the power of the sun!

4. For a business owner such as yourself, who also works along your personal values, what are the biggest obstacles but also biggest rewards?

As I am very heavily involved in my brand and do nearly everything myself, it is very gratifying to see how excited customers are when they come into our East London shop and I tell them all about the brand. Some people stay for hours just for a chat! We love sharing our brand story and telling people why we do what we do and also why it is so important to make sustainable choices.

5. Could you share with us some of your personal heroes or inspirations?

I have worked alongside some incredible people who have taught me a lot about how to keep a team happy, the richness of culture and diversity and everything from history to niche underground documentaries! Been introduced to such a wealth of information has really helped me to broaden my view point and have interests in a variety of areas.

I love very abstract things like the pre-war cowboys from the Wild West, Morris dancers, vintage furniture and clan tartans. Jean-Michel Basquiat is an artist that I really resonate with, I have been to his exhibitions all over the world and every time I see his work I get so inspired, it just makes me want to get creating!

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