Take 5 with... Olivia from LUUNA Naturals!


This Friday we are happy to introduce you to yet another Hong Kong based conscious entrepreneur - Olivia and her brand Luüna Naturals. Join us for a (girls’) chat about, first and foremost, sustainable periods, but also physical, menstrual and, last but not least: environmental (!) awareness of Hong Kong and the rest of Asia.


1. Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from, and why did you choose Hong Kong as a base for yourself and your business?

I’m originally from the UK but have lived between Hong Kong and Shanghai for the past 6 and a half years, four of which have been spent speaking about, researching and driving awareness about menstrual health in Asia. 

Hong Kong is such an important place for LUÜNA naturals. It’s where the idea for my business first started in fact, due to my frustration at being unable to find trusted tampons in the city whilst living here in 2015. Since then, I have watched the conscious living movement take hold with such impressive and inspiring momentum. 

I see more women and men thinking about the impact their choices have for their own bodies and the world, be it in regards to their clothing, their food or now, because of LUÜNA, their period care. It makes me so excited to be a growing a brand here amidst such evolving and forward-thinking attitudes.

We have the support of an incredible community who believe in our team, our products and our mission, as well as partners like the incredible FreePeriodsHK and high-profile corporates who are helping us change the way we treat menstrual health on a societal level too.

2. What's important to you, and how do these values affect your professional choices? 

The most important things for me are trust, transparency and support. This of course impacts the way I want to grow my company; the values we live by, our relationship with our partners and community, as well as the internal team culture I want to develop.

Everyone at LUÜNA knows and is encouraged to speak up; to ask for support when they need it and be honest about where they need help. 

We also know that as well as being dedicated to achieving our own goals, we must be committed to providing support to the other women on our team when they need it; be it professionally or personally. 

This isn’t hard to implement when you have a team who are so dedicated to the same mission – we know we won’t get there alone, so we are there for each other, always

3. Tell us about LUUNA Naturals - what’s your mission and vision? 


LUÜNA Naturals is a Hong Kong-Shanghai based period care company, led by women. Our mission is to change the way women and girls experience menstruation through the development of healthier & more sustainable products, taboo-free female health content and a business model that provides period education for girls in need.

I became disillusioned with the traditional feminine care industry; the unhealthy products, the poor transparency and lack of genuine ethos, I wanted to create a brand that supports real women with the products and information necessary to have healthy relationships with their periods – physically and mentally. 

Our organic cotton period care subscription launches in Hong Kong at the end of August, as does the first of our reusable silicone line – the LUÜNA Period Cup (currently on INDIEGOGO!). Through sales of both these products, we channel funds into our female-led social initiatives, Bright and Beautiful & FreePeriodsHK, to educate girls in need about healthy, sustainable periods too.

4. How would you describe the general eco-awareness in Hong Kong (is there a discrepancy between the local and the expat community?) and what do you personally do on daily basis to live more consciously?

I don’t see a discrepancy between locals and expats within the LUÜNA community because every member of it, no matter their nationality or gender, is united by the same principles; an interest in living more consciously, a powerful curiosity about their bodies & a desire to positively contribute to the world around them. 

My goal for contributing to the conscious living movement is inspiring others to think more consciously about their decisions with, of course, focus on female health. We are tackling such a taboo topic that, oftentimes, people shut down immediately when we talk about menstrual health. My challenge to find new ways of connecting people with this issue, making conscious periods feel accessible, relatable and ultimately, fun! 


5. Who are your personal heroes and why?

My heroes are my team and our LUÜNA community. I get to work with and meet women every day who inspire me to be more ambitious about how big LUÜNA can be and the difference we can make. 

Whether it be someone trying the period cup, or even talking publicly about menstruation for the first time, these are the personal decisions that might seem small to others, but are ones which will allow us to succeed in shifting attitudes towards menstruation on a large scale.