Take 5 with... Penelope Hill from Tiger & Co. Homeware


Vegan Soy Wax Candles and cruelty-free macrame. We were hooked on Tiger & Co. Homeware the second we came across the brand. Today we have the pleasure to give you a more in-depth introduction to Penelope, the founder and power-bank behind this amazing initiative!

Tell us a bit about yourself, where are you from, and why did you choose UK as a base for yourself and your business?
Tiger & Co is a one-woman-band, led by myself, Penelope. Tiger & Co was born after I left my Biomedical Sciences degree and needed something to put my whole heart into - I work from our tiny back room, in our house in the North West of England. The North has always been my home - I have never experienced such a warm, supportive sense of community anywhere else.


What's important to you, and how do these values affect your professional choices?
Creating vegan and cruelty free products was always a no-brainer for me, as I've been vegan for many years. I research every component of each of our products and ensure there's no cruelty involved in any part of the chain. Minimising our effect on the planet is so important to me, which is why I only use renewable soy wax (rather than paraffin) in our candles, and choose to use metal tins which are infinitely recyclable.

Tell us about Tiger & Co. - what’s your mission and vision?
Tiger & Co is all about simplicity - creating something which is beautiful and enjoyable, but without any unnecessary fluff. The design for our candle tins is deliberately industrial and gender neutral, to be enjoyed by everyone and anyone, and encourages you to experience the scent individually with no preconceptions. Our focus on sustainability is something we expect to be a bare minimum requirement for all companies in the future, and we focus on a common sense approach, not just green-washing. We like to do the right thing, because it is right, not to sell products.

How would you describe the general eco-awareness in the UK and what do you personally do on daily basis to live more consciously?
Most people are generally aware, but that doesn't mean they have the option to act on it. As consumers, our hands are tied. In general living a less impactful life requires time and money which the general UK populous doesn't have to spare. On a personal level in our household, we don't eat any meat, we grow as many fruits and vegetables as we can in our garden, and we buy from other local small businesses where we can. The most important thing we can do on a personal level, though, is to demand more from our leaders and people in positions of influence - we can lead the way as conscious small business folk, but we are just a drop in the ocean.

Who are your personal heroes and why?
My late Nana - she was outrageously brazen, headstrong and outspoken - and was the first person I had ever met to eat avocado on toast.

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