Take 5 with... Maria and Helena from ŁYKO!


We just love to speak to the people behind brands that we represent! Nowhere else are we able to find such beautiful creative energy that people behind sustainable brands show. Empathy, passion, kindness and respect - more often than not those are the qualities that we meet on our way. And here they are personified - in Helena and Maria, two power sisters behind ŁYKO, a Poland-based brand creating breathtaking products of 100% pre-washed linen. Read on!

  1. Please tell us a little about yourselves, what are your backgrounds and how did you come to do what you do?

M: We are sisters in love with arts and crafts. I think we were both very much influenced by our mother. She used to teach us to sew, mold and draw. She was very encouraging when it comes to our artistic aspirations. Also, she was always very passionate about beautiful things, so our house was full of nice little objects. Helena studied International Economics at the SGH in Warsaw and I finished industrial design at Academy of Fine Arts. After school we decided to combine our forces and ŁYKO happened.


2. Why linen?

H: We want to create for years, reduce the amount of textiles thrown away, approach production in a thoughtful way. That is why we choose a noble and extremely durable flax in a pre-washed version. Linen is known for its health properties (it is anti-allergic, anti-fungal, hygroscopic – the skin rests in contact with the linen). Linen is ageing beautifully, with every wash and ironing it becomes more and more soft, it works well in winter and summer. We love the fact that linen is biodegradable and waste-free and in addition its fibers do not contain heavy metals or other harmful substances. Basically we love everything about linen, even how it wrinkles.

3. What pieces of advice would you give to young entrepreneurs? Any tips you learned along the way of owning your own business?

H: Push it and don’t give up. You never know when it’s gonna latch up. Also trust your instincts and be patient. It takes courage, strength and resilience to run your own company. It's best to be prepared that nothing comes easy. Surround yourself with experienced people and do not hesitate to ask as many questions you need.

4. What are some of your upcoming projects or plans for the brand in the future?

M: The concept is to fully commit to creating a sustainable and durable products on every end of its creation. It means to become a responsible alternative to mass production. Zero waste and natural ways are our notions these days. It applies to the product but also to the packaging and branding. We want to promote a lifestyle that we believe our times need in order to preserve.

5. Last but not least - who are your personal heroes or sources of inspiration?

H & M: Our parents, our friends first and foremost. We are also very inspired by alternative brands all around the world whose priorities are similar to ours.

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