Living More Sustainably: Green Morning Routine

Green Morning Routine By WOMB editorial

We can’t stress that enough: preparation is key when it comes to more sustainability in our everyday life. You reap what you sow, and in order to go through your busy day in a green way, with low or even no negative impact on the environment, you must “sow” quite a lot.
Not to worry, WOMB has the perfect morning routine for you! Read our list of a few easy tips to green up your morning and prepare yourself for a greener day!

Close That. Water. Tap. NOW.

According to an article published by San Diego Morning Tribune, one can save up to 15 litres of water per day by turning off the water while brushing teeth! That’s over 100 liters per week, and with no less than 52 weeks in a year… Yup! All that sums up into crazy amounts of wastewater.
We still haven’t understood what good a running tap can do for your toothbrushing, but remembering to turn it off makes a huge difference. Poke your family members and make them aware of the problem too!

Running water tap WOMB editorial green morning routine how to live sustainably

Pack your reusables
(… or make sure to have them in your office!)

We understand, carrying a reusable water bottle, your own cutlery and a coffee-cup, a metal straw, a lunchbox, a cotton handkerchief, and tote bags for your groceries on your way home from the office will make you feel like a camel. We’ve been there - not a nice feeling!
If you are used to going out for lunch at work, make sure you have a lunchbox in your office. We are sure you have enough desk- or drawer-space to have it stored there. Small items like straw and utensils or chopsticks and a handkerchief are easy to carry around, and we do recommend you to have them packed with you at all times. They take almost no space, but can save a lot of plastic from the landfills and our oceans!

Eat your breakfast (vegan)

Get up 20 minutes earlier, and make sure to get your morning bite at home instead of rushing to a café nearby and ending up buying a plastic-wrapped muffin or a salad in a non-recyclable box. Morning rushes at cafés often mean that even if you ask the staff not to give you plastic utensils or bring your own packaging, they may not be able to meet your request or simply forget it. We are all human beings, right?
Self-prepared breakfast also means that you are 100% in charge of what ends on your plate and don’t have to rely on the selection in your local… Starbucks? (Where do people get breakfasts nowadays?)
We highly encourage you to start your day with a vegan meal - try porridge with plant-milk! Or prepare your overnight-oats the evening before! If you make them in a mason-jar, you can simply put a lid on, throw it in your bag and enjoy it when you get to the office!

Recycle on your way to work

In Hong Kong, where we currently live, very few buildings have recycling policies, but recycling bins are located in public areas! Use the WasteLess APP to locate your nearest segregation bins and bring your recycling with you on your way to the office! Make recycling a part of your morning routine, and try to involve your partner, roommate or kids to do the same. That’s how circles of influence work, remember?

Bonus: Mindful Morning

While you’re preparing your vegan breakfast, brushing your teeth with a closed tap or putting out the metal cans to be brought down to your recycling facility, tune into a podcast!
Fill yourself up with mindful content that will inspire you to live more sustainably and provide you with the newest information on current environmental or social issues.
If you haven’t done it yet, check out TRASH TALK or EIGHT MILLION Podcast by Sustainable Asia or give Regina a listen on #Impact!