How to green up your beach game

Don’t we all love beaches? Seriously, what is better than sun, a bit of sand under our feet, a good book and the sound of waves nearby? Most of us put swimsuits, beach accessories, food and drinks on top of our experience. It’s all good, but we know how trips to the beach end sometimes, especially in places most beloved by tourists: with tones of trash left behind. That is why, we compiled this small list to give you some easy hacks into being more sustainable about your beach action. Here we go!


  1. Beach apparel.

    The first and most obvious step is giving some thought to what you wear. Swimwear is actually among the most tricky topics when it comes to sustainability of its materials, since it usually must include lycra or nylon and is nearly always a mix of materials - which means it’s close to impossible to get re-woven later. What about doing a little research and finding out brands that go an extra mile to add a sustainable twist to their production? Batoko from UK uses recycled materials for their swimsuits and contributes to alleviating the problem of polluted beaches. As Portuguesas from Portugal or Samba-Sol from the US offer an alternative to the omnipresent plastic flip-flops and replaces this immortal material with compostable cork. 

  2. Surfing, anyone?

    Ditch the basic plastic-based boards and surf into the world of awesome and consciously produced ones! The guys from The Cigarette Surfboard found a way to use the cigarette butts to make the boards and Makara uses as much recycled material in their products as possible. More and more companies work with plant-based plastic (see The Channel Islands Surfboards, whose Ecoboards are made of plant-based, zero VOC epoxy resin).  

  3. Reusables

    As always, don’t forget your reusable bottle with water, and remember to stay hydrated. Afraid your water will soon turn into soup with the beach-y temperature? S'well reusable bottles keep liquids inside cold for up to 24 hours, so unless your trip is a very long one - you’re covered.

  4. Unpackaged Snacks

    Feeling like having a snack in between reading, swimming and chilling? Instead of stocking up with plastic-packaged fatty or sweet yum-yums, take some fresh fruit with you and hit the smaller shops and markets for un-packaged nuts, dried fruit and other healthy snacks. You can always prepare a light lunch at home and take it with you in Tupperware or a basic jar. 

  5. Mind your trash

    This point should be obvious, yet, time after time we learn that it actually isn’t. After you are done at the beach, please oh please - take whatever trash you produce with you. Do not leave it behind for “someone” to clean it or, even worse, hide it under the sand. Even the smallest piece is important, because it is extremely easy for it to get to the sea or ocean and end up in a stomach of its rightful inhabitant. And remember - once a piece of plastic ends up there it will actually never ever leave. 


Important note: don't forget to stay safe and protect your skin from the sun - hit up the guys at Zero Waste Life or Live Zero for tips on how to work on your DIY sunscreen!

We should all take extra care of the beaches that we just “borrow” for our sunny afternoons and friendly hangouts. They are extremely precious, as they are our gates to oceans, seas and rivers that are the most important for our planet - without water, we would not exist. Make sure you don’t cause too much damage on the beach you like to visit and leave it as you hopefully found it - clean and peaceful. 

Wanna sign up for a beach clean-up in Hong Kong? Stay tuned on what Hong Kong CleanUp and other alike organisations have scheduled up and help cleaning up a beach near you!