Stalker alert: 4 inspiring Instagram accounts from Portugal

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We have already brought you our stalk targets from Hong Kong, but there are many more Instagram profiles that we follow for inspiration. To make it a little bit more local, here are some great Instagram profiles originating from Portugal whose feeds we absolutely love!


Joana is a speaker and writer, environmentalist, minimalist and, by all means, a promoter of more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Though posting in Portuguese (so we are trying our very best to follow all of her amazing messages) she covers great inspirations for conscious parenting, lifestyle, eating, consumption. We absolutely love to browse through her charming feed and stories which are a bottomless source of inspiration. knowledge and motivation (when our eco-anxiety becomes too hard on us!). Not that long ago, we had a pleasure to participate in a talk together with Joana, the effects of which we tried to describe to best of our ability in the editorial post right here!


Maria Granel unquestionably holds regency over the ‘zero-waste’ movement in Lisbon. With two shops around the city, and one of them (on Rua Coelho da Rocha) boasting two floors and public space for workshops and lectures, the company manages to create a very strong familiarity and community around what zero-waste lifestyle is really about. Carrying food as well as zero-waste everyday accessories, their shops are the place for education and inspiration on how to reduce waste on the daily basis. We love their active approach to handling their Instagram too - their posts and stories very often feature guests, friends, visitors, which makes the company and concept even more approachable and, thus, helping “zero-waste” to become less exclusive and elusive.

A shot from @sara_da_silva_diniz from @0botanista vegan restaurant in Lisbon

A shot from @sara_da_silva_diniz from @0botanista vegan restaurant in Lisbon


“Slow living” is one of the mottos of the bountiful and beautiful feed made by Sara - and that is why we love stalking her! Conscious travel, conscious consumption, lifestyle and spirituality - it’s all there! Sara is also a nurse, so we really appreciate her cosmetics recommendations from a more medical perspective. Moreover - absolute big up for messages like “Support your local girl gang” - couldn’t agree more!


Here is some awesome female power! With beautiful feed touching on variety of topics such as wellbeing, body activation, beauty, mindfulness, consumption, Mafalda Pinto Leite brings the debate up over here! She is also a founder of MPL Label, which promotes and sells botanical blends, books, plant proteins or healing herbs. We also love the very down-to-earth approach to spirituality practiced by Mafalda, which attempts to teach us all how to take care of ourselves better and be more thoughtful about our bodies and minds.

There are plenty of other profiles and brands over here in Portugal which are absolutely important and helpful when it comes to conscious lifestyle tips, but we decided to keep this entry on a rather short side. Besides, the sustainable scene here in Portugal seems to be extremely self-mediating and everyone is really supporting each other! Through the above, you can absolutely get to other awesome sustainable players out there! Meanwhile, we will definitely come reporting back on more in the future!