4 ways to welcome Spring without buying stuff


Whether you’re a moon child reading up on the Equinox, a botanist who is expecting flower species to bloom or an average Jane who just wants the days to become longer and the sun to shine brighter, we cannot deny it: Spring is here! For many, Spring equals new beginnings, and new beginnings often tend to be celebrated with… new purchases!
We would like to encourage you to welcome the Spring of 2019 in a non-consumptionist way, and therefore we composed a list of four ways to welcome Spring without buying anything! Ready?

Get rid of stuff (mindfully) 

Do you want to know a (after all pretty well-known) secret? De-cluttering feels great! With the recent wave of Marie Kondo-inspired cleanses and cleanings, this is probably one of the most popular tips for this Spring season. What we would like to encourage you to do, is to de-clutter mindfully. Instead of simply throwing stuff out (with an “out-of-sight-out-of-mind” mindset), we suggest you look through the things you no longer need, whether they are clothes, gadgets or appliances or maybe even furniture. Research for reliable donation points (because not all “donated” stuff actually serves a good purpose) and find out who could benefit from what you no longer have space for. (Here’s a link with various garment donation points in Hong Kong.) Maybe you can gift your old coffee table to the nearby kindergarten? Maybe you can do the same with your old garments if the local school har a macrame projects going on? Ask your friend if she needs any of your kitchen appliances if you need to make shelf-space and are thinking of throwing out some of yours.

Invite a new fragrance into your house


Last November we were invited by Lane Crawford Hong Kong to lead a series of creative workshops. Every weekend in November we were making DIY scent bags that people used as Christmas decoration. The “recipe” is super easy! All you need is some old fabric, rice and essential oil (if you don’t have essential oil, you can use perfume). You can even upcycle some of your old clothes for this little DIY project!

Cut the fabric into squares, put a few spoonfuls of rice and a few drops of essential oil in the middle of your fabric. Gather the four corners together, make a little bag and tie it tightly. You will have a little fragrant bag that you can place anywhere in your home or in your car - perfect way to freshen up the air in an eco-friendly, low waste and creative way!

Compose a playlist

Music is very important. As in VERY. It can uplift your mood, it can be your invisible, yet so faithful shoulder to cry on, and it can be a great companion that you can welcome the spring with! Whether you are composing something for your morning run, your daily commute or simply for Spring-cleaning of the house (speaking of! did you know this bouncy “Cleaning the House” playlist on Spotify?), let some happy tunes flow and prepare for an immediate mood-uplift!

Bring flowers into your home


We will never forget this one evening in Hong Kong, where we invited Jenn from Sqwishful over for dinner. She came with the most beautiful flower, and after we expresses our gratitude and amazement, she lowered her voice and said.

Do you want to hear a pro-tip? Go to the flower shop around the time they shut down. They won’t ask for full price, and sometimes you might even get the flowers for free!”

Today we decided to shamelessly share Jenn’s tip with all of you out there! Remember to ask your florist not to wrap the flowers in cellophane and be mindful about the fact that floral foam is a big component of the world’s plastic problem! If you prefer long-lasting plants, you may want to check is there is a plant hospital / plant rescue center in your city. Plant rescues are places that take care of withered, found or donated plants, bring them back to life and sell at affordable prices or donate for plant-adoption for flora enthusiasts. 

We hope these few suggestions inspired a low-waste and eco-friendly Spring ritual! Let us know what else you like to do to welcome the new season either in your home or in your daily life. Share your thoughts in the comments below. Once you’ve done that, leave your smartphone behind, get out and enjoy the beautiful sunrise and the Spring breeze!