4 tips for the New Years Eve party with a clear conscience!

New Year eve firecrackers fireworks party

With another Christmas gone (time flies, huh?), we all have nothing else to do than prepare for the upcoming New Year. And what would all our preparations be without a suitable goodbye to the good ol’ 2018? Before we all go to supermarkets to buy bottles of champagne, boxes of firecrackers, another heaps of food and cheap party accessories - may we suggest to stop for a second and think again about our NYE consumption habits?

New Year’s party can be sustainable, or at least a bit more sustainable than it tends to be. We are used to consuming a lot of things during that one night and we often don’t even notice it. We consider it a one-time, one-household treat to consume or use many unsustainable or simply harmful things just in order to throw off a party. If you already experience some eco-anxiety, here are a couple of tips about what you can take off your NYE shopping list and what to do/buy/use instead.


For years already, we have been able to read about the negative effects of burning fireworks. Yet, every year at certain occasions we seem to forget that what we do with firing that seemingly harmless fuses - we cause a chemical reaction that releases all the chemicals trapped inside the red or silver plastic pouches straight into the air we breathe.

There is absolutely no benefit from firing fireworks or firecrackers that would overshadow the irreversible harm to our atmosphere and, as a result, our wellbeing. Not to mention thousands of people hurt or dead during celebrations that involve fireworks, millions of scared animals and tones of plastic, paper and chemical trash that is left after the whole practice. Our question is - is it really worth it for a few seconds of “nice lights”?


Did you know that only on Times Square, during one single evening of the New Year’s Eve, we generate a staggering number of 50 tons of trash? It also typically takes between 12 and 16 hours to clean it. If you don’t believe us, check it here.

But let’s go down in scale to an average household during the years’ transition party. Paper caps with rubber bands, balloons, confetti, party blowouts, plastic and paper cups, plates and cutlery - the list is rather long, right? The most basic and applicable tip is - if you don’t really need it, why buy it? Try to get creative with your decorations and maybe go DIY this year! There are plenty of objects in our homes that we can re-use and re-purpose to be awesome decorations. The sky is the limit and the only thing that limits us here is our own creativity.


chips crisps snacks

Let’s think for a second about what we eat during parties. Some of us get creative in the kitchen and cook. But let’s face it - most of us just tuck crisps packets and salty nuts into shopping trolleys. Speaking of - here are all the facts that we all should have in mind when reaching for the packet of this highly addictive salty snack!

Making a nice dip or hummus and chopping some veggies to go along with them, slicing some fruits, putting out a selection of nuts seems like a much nicer alternative.

Blender can be a real saviour sometimes. With just one box of milk or, better yet, its plant-based equivalent, a couple of spoonfuls of chia seeds and fruits of your choice, you can prepare plenty of yummy chia puddling for the guests to snack on.


We have all seen the glossy hats, glitzy glasses and glittering headbands… Recently we even encountered a pizza-slice shaped head-decoration (and choose to leave this one without further comments). What you decide to wear has a lifespan too! The crowns, glasses, headbands and full-body costumes end piled up in landfills. If you feel you don’t have the right outfit - call your friend and arrange a swapping-date (we did that with Tanja once)! If you need extra sparkle for your New Year’s Eve, you can try biodegradable glitter!

HAPPY 2019!

Whether you’re a party-go’er or a party host, there are loads of eco options out there. We’re rooting for you, and keep sending virtual high-fives for every conscious decision you make. May your 2019 start with a boom of love and abundance, with people you care for and lovely atmosphere.