Pro tip! How to clean your jewelry

Magdalena Paszkiewicz gold plated square collection

Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings… All these tiny, yet so precious accessories need our constant care and attention.

We reached out to Magdalena Paszkiewicz, one of WOMB’s super-talented jewelers (who recently visited Hong Kong!) to pick her brain on how to take good care and clean our jewelry. Here are a couple pro-tips, straight from an expert!

Best way to clean your jewelry is by using hot water with soap or fabric washing detergent and a toothbrush.
You put a bit of soap on the toothbrush, and start cleaning gently under running tap with hot water!

If we want to clean bigger things, like silverware, we will need a big bowl, lined with aluminium foil.
Then, into the bowl we pour hot water with a lot of salt. All silverware or bigger silver items go into the water, and all we have to do is wait. After some time the salt and hot water will remove any marks we had on the silverware!

Now that you know how to clean your silvers - big and small ones! - take a look at Magdalena Paszkiewicz’ collection in WOMB Store. And remember! The jewelry is made using only reclaimed precious metals - who said luxury and thrift don’t go together?