The cruelty-free kickoff: VEGANUARY


It feels like we hear about it from everywhere, maybe because we’re in the community anyway, and preaching to the already converted might be the easiest (and obvious) way to do things. Read on to find out what Veganuary means, and why we think you should join, starting from your next meal!

What is Veganuary?

Somewhere, some time ago January and Veganism met. One thing led to another, and their beautiful baby was called Veganuary. All over the world people are encouraged to jump into the new year vegan (which means you can still munch on French fries if you’re a bit slow after New Year’s Eve’s festivities).
Launched in the UK in January 2014, Veganuary is an officially registered charity whose aim is to encourage people to try vegan for at least the month of January. Veganuary is here to give you a light, fresh start of the year and give our planet a much deserved break from the burdens and pollution caused by animal agriculture and meat production. (Not wanting to make this post all about numbers, we encourage you to look back at one of our past articles about veganism and its positive impact on the planet.)

Why veganuary?

We must make this post a bit about numbers. People advocate for veganism for many reasons: ethics (love for animals and all living beings), health (vegan diet is proven beneficial for people suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure), but the reason we want to highlight here is the environmental impact of going vegan. Our readers might love animals, or be indifferent, they might have a healthy blood pressure or have health issues, we cannot know, and we won’t preach. What we do know is that meat-free diet is proven to have least (not none!) negative impact on our planet. While we cannot know whether it's beneficial for your personal health to go vegan, we can assure that it is beneficial for the health of the planet. 

How can I join Veganuary?

Oh, just open your fridge! Everyone can join veganuary, and the whole movement is meant to be as inclusive as possible. It's about encouraging people to try veganism, not introducing rigorous rules and dietary restrictions. Since Veganuary is growing rapidly many people, places and social figures are getting involved. Maybe you’ve already spotted an influencer gone vegan? Yup, they got the memo.
For both newbies and veterans, there are plenty of recipes online, and a lot can be found on Veganuary’s website too.


We admit, there has been a lot of talking about Veganuary, links are being shared everywhere, Marks & Spencer invests in making vegan shoes (which we are slightly critical towards, because it seems like a smooth greenwashing coming from a fast-fashion giant), and people are making public announcements about their food choices (not that that is new, but for a closeted vegan wanting to enroll on the cruelty-free dieteryexperiment, this might be intimidating).
If you didn't hop on the trend on January 1st, don't worry. You haven't missed out. And honestly, if you start your Veganuary on February 17th and keep it through until December 31, obviously you deserve many more high-fives than someone who only kept it for a month! 
Whenever you are ready... Just give it a thought. Maybe the thought will bloom into a plant-based plate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.