The 5 best... Vegan Reads

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We have made it sort of a Friday-tradition to publish a short interview with a conscious personality. Today however, we wanted to focus more on the topic of Vegan diet and lifestyle. Earlier this week we published an article about VEGANUARY, and to keep up the high, vegan spirit and end the week right, we decided to bring you 5 “vegan” articles that have inspired, educated and surprised us.

The World in 2019 by The Economist: The Year of Vegan

John Parker’s sharp analysis on how businesses adapt to “the vegan trend” only proving that the consumers indeed are the biggest and the most powerful change-makers, and businesses and governments are trend-followers rather than trend-setters. A short, yet thought-provoking read proving that you, your neighbor and the cashier in the grocery store can impact “the big guys”.

New York Times: Less Beef, More Beans. Experts Say World Needs a New Diet.

“It also comes amid recent studies of how eating habits affect the environment. Producing red meat takes up land and feed to raise cattle, which also emit the greenhouse gas methane.”
This article from new York Times is a step-by-step analysis of problems caused by the meat consumption and production - both for one’s personal health and for the planet. Quoting researchers from Harvard, Stanford and McMaster University, the piece provides tangible references to some of the newest research.

The Guardian: Thanks for the vegan idioms, Peta, but there are bigger fish to fry

A strong opinion-piece from The Guardian’s Jessica Brown discussing how rhetorics matter in the vegan debate. Warning her fellow vegan agains shaming and guilt-tripping non-vegans, it’s a powerful piece worth reading!
”For a cause like this to have longevity, we need solid arguments effectively communicated. Slow and steady change is for the best: there is a mountain of research arguing we can’t scare or guilt people into making positive change for the planet.”

FORBES: How This Latina Founder Is Negotiating A Vegan Rebellion In Meat-Loving Texas

This article deserves a mention, since Rebel Mariposa (a name she found when she was a radio DJ at the University of Texas) is a true hero. She founded and runs La Botanica (in meat-eating Texas!), a successful vegan restaurant and queer-friendly venue in San Antonio, a historically Latino quarter. In the article, Mariposa shares her personal story, mentioning ups, downs, fears and frustrations.

The Independent: Vegans Live Longer than Those Who Eat Meat or Eggs, Research Finds

A study published by JAMA Internal Medicine Journal concluded, that in comparison with meat-eaters, vegans have substantially lower death-rates. The study also found that increase in calories from plant protein could reduce risk of death. Extremely happy news for WOMB - advocating for veganism for the planet and for all other living beings!