Inspiring Vegan Instagrammers!

Spurce:  Unsplash

Spurce: Unsplash

In times when Instagram is one of the main trend-setting platforms, everybody has their favourites. And we also have a couple of accounts that we follow with pleasure and inspiration - is it for awesome vegan food or no-cruelty living! Here is our list of top 6 favourite veganism-oriented Instagram accounts!

Source: Max La Manna Instagram

Source: Max La Manna Instagram

Max La Manna

One of us at WOMB actually met Max during last year’s Bali Vegan Festival (read our coverage of the event here!) and had a lovely chat with him - he even recorded the cutest story for our own Insta feed! He is a hardcore zero-waste guru and an excellent plant-based cook. His Instagram feed is filled with pro tips on how to reduce waste in the kitchen and generally in household, as well as some healthy activist anti-plastic shout outs. Among other posts, one can also find and test some mouth-watering vegan recipes that are settled in context of plastic-free cooking. On top of all that, if that is not yet enough for you, he often posts about his fitness and yoga routine and helps out with the wellness part of the every day life!

Max is in the process of releasing his debut plant-based cookbook just now (planned to be out 22nd August) so stay tuned for more from this cheerful one!


Gaz Oakley, aka. Avantgarde Vegan is yet another male 100% plant-based cook. On his impressive account, he already has a dish collab with American and British branches of Wagamama and a 660k subs on YouTube. The instagram is really a standard best-of-best-looking feed with beautiful sleek colours and impressive food images. It is cool that Gaz also tries to bring the audience as much as possible into his own everyday routine, e.g. showing his full menu during one day. It can definitely serve as a great inspiration for someone who does not necessarily know exactly how to eat plant-based for breakfast or how to rock a vegan mid-day snack. We must admit, some of the recipes and tips are sourced from rather more advanced shelf, including a more difficult purchase process or longer preparation time. We are, after all, reading from perspective of a professional plant-based chef, therefore, functional and quick cooking in a busy lifestyle (and in geographies where availability of certain products is more limited) might not include enough easiness with Gaz’s recipes. Nonetheless, the inspirational value of his plant-based advocacy and simply making vegan cuisine good-looking and professional, definitely does a good deal of positive work for the plant-based movement. Big up!

Chef Peggy Chan (Source: Grassroots Pantry  website )

Chef Peggy Chan (Source: Grassroots Pantry website)

Peggy Chan

After all the masculine energy of the two previous accounts, it’s high time for an incredible female-boss! Peggy Chan is probably less-known in the Western hemisphere, but she is definitely a legend in Hong Kong and around. She managed to place plant-based in the fine-dining context with her Grassroots Pantry in one of Hong Kong’s premium locations - soon to be replaced with even more posh Nectar HK. We had the pleasure of eating in Grassroots a couple of times while we were based in Hong Kong and we must say that it was an incredible experience every time. The dishes were experimental and tasty, without the usual ‘tininess’ of fine-dining cuisine. Meaning - we paid a lot but we were not starving after. The price issue must be mentioned however, since admittedly the restaurants by Peggy Chan are definitely not for everyone. In the context of Hong Kong, we are speaking well-off expats or very well-paid local Hong Kongers. Where were we on this list, you ask? Nowhere:D We were mostly lucky to have been treated with dinner there and the instances of us actually splitting the bill were rare enough to afford it. It could not be a regular thing, for sure. But of course, it was never aimed at fast and low-price dining. The dishes are elaborate and interior well-thought, designed and eclectic. The ingredients are always organic, local and fresh - it is a quality for which we know we need to pay.

Nae Vegan Shoes

Okay, before we all get extremely hungry - time for a vegan brand. We do not place it here only because one of us lives in Lisbon, but we truly think the brand really deserves the spot between inspirational plant-based enterprises. Established by a couple and led by a strong female figure - Paula Peréz, the brand is a major vegan shoes and accessories retailer in Portugal and in Europe. Their products are planned to every tiniest detail (even down to the glues and stitching techniques used) and are really a splendid alternative for high-quality, durable and most of all good-looking footwear but with zero cruelty involved in the production process. All the materials and fabrics are sourced in Portugal or around. Paula is also often advocating for a more mindful consumption and vegan orientation (read the notes on the panel we organised together with Paula in Lisbon’s Maria Granel zero-waste shop here!), trying to sell the conscious virus to as many of an audience as possible! When it comes to Instagram, we love the consistent, warm style of look book images and activist calls-to-action and frankly just the sight of good-quality products! A definitely recommended brand and a beautiful, well-thought feed. Give them a look!

a.c.f. clothing

We were even captured in A.C.F. studio in their outfits!

We were even captured in A.C.F. studio in their outfits!

As was implied already in the previous paragraph, veganism and a cruelty-free lifestyle is not merely about what lands on your plate. And A.C.F. Clothing knows that! They are a vegan, sustainable clothing brand, but their website also features a conscious editorial where they often post about the impact of animal-derived products or animal exploitation. We respect A.C.F. a lot, namely for their persistence and wholeness. They are speaking to the collective consciousness not only from one perspective, but they are addressing multiple issues. A.C.F is a beautiful, conscious brand AND a mindful educator! WOMB loves that mix! Also - have we mentioned we were once interviewed for their platform? You can read the full feature here!

Last, but not least, do not forget that Al Foster from A.C.F. was the power-woman behind The Conscious Collective - a conscious festival held in Hong Kong (we participated in the Spring 2018 edition). It was an amazing week filled with inspirational talks, workshops and a beautiful sustainable market! Why do we love their Instagram? Click on the header above to find out - sleek perfection at its best!

O Botanista

Source: O Botanista  Facebook

Source: O Botanista Facebook

Two words here as an intro - fondue and cakes. “Oh my god but what do you mean fondue? Isn’t that cheese?!” Well, normally it is, but not in O Botanista. It is a fully plant-based restaurant here in Lisbon (sorry for the Portugal-heaviness right now) but their Instagram feed is a true porn for vegans out there. Beautiful shots of vegan cheese fondue, vegan cheese platters… this can break anyone. What is true about a lot of us - just because you go vegan, you don’t seize loving cheese. Therefore, every time you are offered an acceptable alternative - you take it. Let alone when the alternative is not merely acceptable, but purely awesome. We actually couldn’t believe it can all be vegan when we first saw the offer of O Botanista, but we were convinced first time we stepped into this shrine of plant-based happiness. Let’s move on to cakes though. We must inform you that here we don’t mean carrot cake or vegan cheesecake - which tend to be regulars on vegan dessert lists elsewhere. O Botanista brings you full-size cakes (imagine cream, fruit-full birthday cake of which you cannot even finish one piece) and they constantly change their pool of desserts from which one can choose. Honestly, we don’t know what sort of sorcery it is, but we certainly love eating it - even if it is secretly full-on Voldemort black magic.